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Hello and welcome to Volvo XC40 Forum, the premier community for Volvo XC40 owners from around the world. Please take a moment and post your introduction and let us know a little bit about yourselves.
Hi I'm Michael Middleton and I currently live in Nebraska. I am retired from the US Air Force. I just ordered my XC40 on April 30th after doing extensive research on several cars I wanted to purchase. My goal is to have the XC40 for 2 years and then I will upgrade to the XC90. I really love the XC90 which I hope will be added to the subscription service in the next two years. Really don't want to purchase a vehicle to own anymore and I believe the subscription service leaves the headache out of car buying.
I'm Jay in Northern Virginia. I got lucky a couple of weeks ago and snagged a CBV R-Design that the salesperson had ordered for himself, then decided not to complete the transaction. I bought it July 2, the day it hit the dealer's website.

This is my second Volvo. My first was an '85 740 GLE that I drove for 5 years and put 170,000 miles on.