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Volvo XC40: Best Car To Buy 2019 nominee


The XC40 takes what we like so much about Volvo's other cars and crossover SUVs—sublime attention to detail, strong turbocharged power, and excellent value—and shrinks it to square off against the BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class, and Audi Q3. Viewed as a subcompact crossover SUV with luxury aspirations, the XC40 is a solid home run.

With the XC40, Volvo rolled its first-ever subscription program. Unlike other programs that operate more like a costly, high-feature car-share, Care by Volvo subscribers keep their XC40s for two years with the option to switch out for another vehicle after a year. One monthly payment covers insurance and all maintenance down to windshield wipers, and a concierge service ensures that subscribers need never visit a Volvo dealership.


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