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XC40 vs Subaru Forester


New member
Just picked up my Care by Volvo XC40 T5 momentum AWD yesterday and 100 miles in I'm in LOVE!

My wife has a 2017 Subaru Forester and I thought I'd do a quick day one comparison, not official stats just my real world side by side observations---

Size -
Parked side by side, the Subaru is slightly larger (longer and taller), most notably (according to my 12 year old in the back seat) in the rear leg room. While it's somewhat unfair to compare the two since there's $10k+ difference in MSRP, the Volvo definitely feels more solid and the fit/finish is a step up.

Styling -
We unanimously think the Volvo looks sexier, while the Subaru presents itself well, it's aimed at a different place, but it does win on visibility!

Features -
While I think the Subaru touch screen is above average, Volvo has definitely stepped it up and the intuitive iPad like flow of the center console is great so far. The ability to change interior lighting, driving dynamics, etc are all great and remind you this is a luxury vehicle with high levels of customization options.

If you're looking for the best crossover AWD space to dollar ratio, you'll be hard pressed to beat the Forester, but if you're looking for a head turning fun to drive AWD that turns heads, this Volvo is GREAT.

Happy to have both in our garage.

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